The Democratic Republic from the Congo is really a state in Central Africa. It’s the second largest country in Africa by area and also the 11th largest on earth. Which has a population well over 71 million,the Democratic Republic in the Congo may be the 18th most populous nation in the world, and also the fourth most populated nation in Africa, as well as the most populated officially Francophone country.

It borders the Central African Republic and South Sudan for the north; Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi in the east; Zambia and Angola to florida; the Republic of the Congo, the Angolan exclave of Cabinda, and the Atlantic Ocean for the west; which is separated from Tanzania by Lake Tanganyika inside east. The country has access to the ocean via a 40-kilometre (25 mi) stretch of Atlantic coastline at Muanda along with the roughly 9 km wide mouth from the Congo River which opens up into the Gulf of Guinea.


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